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Trout: An Illustrated History

Knopf (1996)

James Prosek’s first book catalogues more than 70 native trout from North America in brilliant watercolor paintings. Prosek charts the popular as well as the rare and exotic species, sub-species and strains of trout of North America, including, char, Apache, Gila, Mexican Golden Trout, rainbow, redband, and golden trout, cutthroat trout, and Atlantic salmon.


“A remarkable achievement. . . acclaimed as a standard reference.”
     — Sports Illustrated

“So thorough and evocative that [Prosek] has been compared favorably to the man who inspired him, John James Audubon.”
     — Los Angeles Times

“A true beauty.”
     — Esquire

“A fair bid to become the Audubon of the fishing world.”
     — New York Times